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Cepkinian-Cinar Law has the experience and compassion you need to go up against your employer.
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We fight on behalf of hard-working individuals who have experienced harassment, abuse, inequality, or injustice in their workplace.

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Meet Jibit Cepkinian Cinar

Principal Attorney

Jibit Cepkinian Cinar is an employment attorney who strategically and compassionately fights for justice and fairness on behalf of employees who have been wronged in their work environment.
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We are here to empower the employee.

We know standing up to your employer is scary. But speaking up about unfair treatment should not come with consequences. We're here to be your voice when you feel silenced.
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  • “Communication with Jibit was always calm, confident and reliable. As a victim of trauma due to my workplace experience, it was just the kind of communication style I needed. Jibit was always accessible. At times she couldn’t communicate with me right away, she would set those expectations so that I could plan accordingly. Jibit is extremely knowledgeable and professional. It put me at ease knowing that I could trust her, her background, her experience and professionalism. Jibit always answered my questions thoroughly and took time to make sure I totally understood the law and the process. I felt very comfortable discussing my case with Jibit. My case was about sexual assault by my boss and Jibit always made me feel safe when discussing the details. She was like an additional therapist and caretaker on my recovery team.”
    – Lori Olin
  • “Jibit, I want to thank you and the staff for representing me in my employment case. You always made me feel comfortable and put my mind at ease. Your continued support was the best. I was given detailed feedback and progress reports throughout. To anyone out there dealing with an employment dispute at your job, I whole heartedly recommend Jibit. She took such great care of me, as if I were family. I’ll always be grateful.”
    – Kathy Burcham
  • “Thank you SO very much for all you’ve done for me. You are an excellent attorney, Jibit! You are extremely patient, understanding and knowledgeable and you put up one heck of an argument and I truly appreciate that. I will always consider you a dear friend.”
    – Anonymous
  • “I contacted Jibit to represent me in a labor law and hourly wage issue. I wasn’t sure I had a case but she assured me I did. She was extremely professional, very kind, and easy to talk to. She made the whole process very comfortable for me as I was nervous from the very beginning about this law suit. Her legal knowledge and perseverance resulted in her winning my case. I have and will continue to refer Jibit to anyone who needs an outstanding employment/labor law attorney.”
    – Christine Gillespie
  • “Jibit and the rest of their team that I have interacted with have been great. Throughout the entire litigation process, Jibit made sure I, and my fellow co-workers involved with the case, were well informed about procedure and what to expect. I felt that Jibit did all that she could to provide us with the best legal counsel in order to make informed decisions when it came time for us as clients to state how we wanted to proceed in mediation. I hope to not need an employment and labor lawyer again, but in the event that I do, I feel confident in returning to Jibit Cinar."
    – Jamal Abercrombia
  • “Jibit is the best attorney who knows her job very well, honest, and she is about getting the matter solved quickly. She answered with confidence and in a timely manner. Jibit was very friendly and welcoming and understanding of what I went through and was on top of getting down to business. I was informed throughout the whole process, all questions and concerns were answered. I had a great experience with Cepkinian-Cinar Law. Jibit is very friendly, professional, upfront, and very knowledgeable.”
    – Dennisha
  • “Very efficient in communication and kind and caring. I felt like I was being taken care of like family. Jibit walked me through all steps, processes, plans, and made sure I was comfortable with all decisions. I would recommend to any family or friend.”
    – Chandler Hubbard
  • “Jibit was always very helpful and informative along the way! She did her best to keep me updated on the case, and always worked her hardest for the best outcome! I always felt extremely comfortable being open and honest with Jibit. Jibit worked extremely hard to fight for what was right and fair in the case.”
    – Brittany Tallon | Gender Discrimination Case

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